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The Autralian Labradoodles are real family members. They are a perfect choice for families, as they are very friendly with children, adults and their four-legged buddies. Not only their appearance but also their behaviour is similar to a teddy bear. Their fur is supersoft and hypoallergenic, so it does not shed. They are very nice, always want to be close to humans. They love to spend time close to their owners. Because of their origins, they are very intelligent, they learn easily and fast. It is a playful and energetic breed. They love to go for walks and hikes in the forest. Overall, the Autralian Labradoodle is the perfect dog. However, to keep it that way, they require a lot of care! Shaping both their fur and their character takes time.


Due to its hypoallergenic character, it is also a perfect choice for people with allergies


They are very friendly, they love children, so they become immediately family members.

They love to learn

Extremely intelligent and easy to train, suitable for various dog activities.

Labradoodle was created by Wally Conron. He met a blind woman on vacation in Hawaii in the 1980s, and her dream was to have guide dog. However, her husband was severely allergic to dog hair. Conron saw this as a challenge and thought that perhaps training a large poodle could work as a guide dog for the woman. He sent pieces of fur cut from many large poodles to the woman, but each time he received the answer that his husband had an allergic reaction. Conron thought about it further and realized that it might be possible to produce a dog that does not shed its hair and is also free of the thick undercoat of the poodle. Maybe it could be a dog that has fewer allergens. He mated his best labrador with a large poodle and finally three puppies from this litter turned out to have fewer allergens. One was trained as a guide dog and sent to the couple in Hawaii. This dog no longer caused an allergic reaction to the husband. With this, Conron fulfilled the couple’s dream and created the labradoodle breed.

The news concerning these dogs spread quickly, they were beautiful, had a great temperament and did not shed their fur! It is the dream dog of many, which was then further developed by breeding and distributed all over the world. In order to get the most and the best out of the breed, 4 more breeds were added to the original Poodle-Labrador cross. These were the English and American Cocker Spaniel, the Curly-Coated Retriever, and the Irish Water Spaniel. These dogs were bred for several generations, and finally the Australian Labradoodle breed was created. It was brought to the United States in the 1990s, to the United Kingdom in 2006, and shortly afterwards became popular all over Europe. In 2021-22, we brought them to Hungary so that we could share with others the unlimited and selfless love provided by the breed.

Nowadays, they mainly work as therapy dogs and live as beloved family members all over the world. They are very friendly and love children. Its fur does not shed, it is very soft and silky, a real teddy bear! 🙂 They are very intelligent, easy to train, and have an amazing memory, which greatly contributes to their easy socialization. They are calm, but at the same time they are very active and love to play with other four-legged friends, they are not dominant. They would always love to be near the owner, and they check every movement of their family member. They love water! Whether it’s a splash in the pool or in the puddle 😀 (to the owner’s great “pleasure”), sipping water from the garden tap 😀 and what they like best: swimming. They love to jump into the water for a stick or a favorite toy, and then proudly bring it back to the owner.


Standard: Height: 53-61 cm. Weight: 22-30 kg.
Medium: Height: 43-50 cm. Weight: 14-18 kg.
Mini: Height: 35-40 cm. Weight: 10-12 kg.

Labradoodles come in many colors. Available in brown, white, cream, peach, red, black, grey, silver. They can be bicolored, but any pure color and white can appear on the face, head, or body.

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All 3 of our dogs have excellent genetic characteristics. This means our dogs are free of HD (Hip Dysplasia), ED (Elbow Dysplasia), Patellaluxation (loose kneecaps), PRA-PRCD (Hereditary Eye Diseases), Willebrand's Disease (Blood Coagulation Disease), EIC (Exertional Collapse), IC (improper coat) and DM (degenerative myalopathy) diseases.
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